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Anna is a highly skilled assassin. Her movements are agile and graceful, reminiscent of a cat in the night, silent yet deadly like the Grim Reaper. Her composure and wit make her exceptionally adept at carrying out her missions, while her beauty and charm enable her to blend in effortlessly in social settings, adeptly gathering intelligence.

Freya is a devout vampire nun who eagerly desires to help others escape from their suffering and is willing to listen to those in need. Her heart is filled with compassion and light, aiming to showcase the original mission of the Black Rose Order. She communicates with people in a considerate and gentle manner, bringing hope and consolation to those whose souls are in pain.

Yitian, ostensibly the lover of Tulong, controls the secrets within the Heavenly Earth Society. However, her personality is unpredictable and capricious. Moreover, she makes no effort to conceal her intimate relationship with Mo, raising inevitable questions. While she has gained Tulong's trust, she also uses this to expand her own influence. Her relationship with Mo sometimes gives the impression that she wields dual power within the association.

Yuri comes from the Dracula family, and his elder brother Nicholas is currently studying at Walpurgis Academy. Yuri is incredibly smart but tends to be careless and has a big appetite. However, he is also a talented cook and mixologist, always volunteering to provide food and drinks at school events. As one of the senior students, he's not particularly mature and often engages in pranks around the school.

MADa_08 is a synthetic being, a blend of werewolf and vampire genetics, endowed with a robust physique and keen senses. His origins have instilled in him a profound understanding of loneliness and exclusion. As a result, he is exceptionally caring towards his "family" members, EVe_03 and NEDe_01, often protecting them even if it means taking on greater risks himself.